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Consultancy Works

Social Development Consultancy Services

A.R.E undertakes consultancy services to local and international clients in the development sector. These include Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, Child Rights International, CAMFED, Ministry of Education, VSO, WUSC and World Vision Ghana. Thematic areas of experience include Education, Governance, Public Health, Skills, Gender, and Children’s Rights. Technical areas of expertise include:

  • Conference reporting
  • Conference organisation
  • Project documentation
  • Data collection, transcription and translation
  • Scoping studies
  • Review studies
  • Policy analysis
  • Proposal development


ARE receives volunteers from all over the world to work on HIV education and grassroots governance projects. Since 2004, A.R.E has hosted some 40 interns from the Warwick University Medical School, who have worked on HIV education projects in rural schools in forty communities and four clinics and hospitals in Ghana. Short term volunteers: Short term volunteers have been working on the HEAL project. A.R.E is currently implementing the third Phase of the HEAL 11 Project which includes interventions in HIV and Malaria education and prevention in 90 rural communities and schools in the Central Region. Distanced interns: ARE currently requires the services of a project development and fundraising interns to support its project development fundraising efforts at the local/international level. Interns may decide to stay in their home countries and work with ARE online to raise funds to finance pro poor interventions in education, health and governance.. ARE Interns are responsible for their living expenses. Below is an estimate for a month's living in Ghana.

Item Cost/Responsibility
Food (Breakfast, lunch super-10 USD a day) 300 USD (Borne by Intern)
Water (2 bottles of 1.5 litre spring water a day) 40 USD a month (Bourne by intern)
Transport costs to project Communities (Borne by A.R.E)
Internet 18 USD a month/1 GB (Optional-Borne by Intern)
Public Transport from Accra Airport-Twifo Praso (150 Km) 15 USD(Borne by Intern)
Visa ARE to facilitate
Internship fee (Only short term) 100 USD (To be paid to ARE by each intern)
Accommodation in Twifo Praso (ARE's guest room) 150 USD a month
Accommodation in Twifo Praso (Guest House) 30 USD a day
Accommodation (Furnished Apartment in Accra) 200 USD a month

Conference Organization and Event Management

ARE also organizes international conferences for its clients. Our services include the following:

  • Hotel Accommodation and Logistics
  • Transportation and Visa
  • Events Organization and Management
  • Conference raporteuring and photography
  • Pre-Conference Management

Local and International Study Visits

A.R.E organizes study visits to local and international institutions and communities of developmental interest in Africa. Our speciality is in the areas of rural development, governance, education, health and environment. A.R.E has in the past hosted seven different groups from Warwick University Medical School and the Black Community in Nova Scotia, Canada, as part of the historic 'Connecting to Africa project' where visits were made to rural communities, Parliament of Ghana, grassroots organizations, places of tourist and educational appeal and meetings held with development leaders.

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