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Citizens and Governance

Citizens and Governance

The A.R.E citizens and governance program is premised on the assumption that one effective way of ensuring development of rural communities is by empowering grassroots Civil Society.

Organization and citizens participate in democratic decision making and hold government accountable for their social, economic and political rights. A.R.E believes that governance since has very much to do with how decisions are made and how resources are allocated and utilized, the active participation of citizens in the governance process will provide an opportunity to influence decisions and resources in their favour.

The program aims to mobilize Civil Society Organizations in support of and participate in the governance process at the local level and strengthen platforms for CSOs, policy makers and Community member interaction in pursuit of participatory democracy. It also focuses on enhancing the capacity of CSOs and community members in advocating and lobbying governments to pursue pro poor policies to enhance their economic lives. The active participation of local communities in economic decision making, accountability and transparency processes (Public Expenditure tracking, budget hearing, tax hearing etc.) is paramount to the A.R.E Citizens and Governance program. The A.R.E Citizens and Governance program has been supported by the Commonwealth Foundation (U.K)  and the World Bank (Ghana)

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